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These aircraft models are for Flight Simulator 2004(fs9) only.
Made with Flight Simulator Design Studio v.35 or 351.

  de Havilland 'DH34'

  dh34iav1.zip   19 / 11 / 16

  1930's airliner of Instone Air Lines.

DH34 instone

de Havilland 'DH34'

  de Havilland 'DH34'

  dh34dv01.zip   19 / 11 / 16

  1930's airliner of Daimler Air Lines.

DH34 daimler

de Havilland 'DH34'

  Short SB4 'Sherpa'

  sherpav1.zip    6/7/15

  A Private venture prototype aircraft
  to test the aero-isoclinic wing.

Short SB4

Short Sherpa

By Edward Cook. 5/7/16.

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